2014 Chili Final Results
1st Place - Campfire Chili
2nd Place - Wiffle Dixie Homerun Chili
3rd Place - ZimmChili
4th Place - Band Ink Chili
5th Place - Wiffle Dixie Homerun Chili
6th Place - Metalhead Chili
7th Place - College Football Chili
8th Place - XS Gas
9th Place - Dixie Tavern
10th Place - Bad Ink Chili

2014 Stew final results
1st Place - Mean Gene's Chili Beans
2nd Place - Dos Gringos
3rd Place - Howard Crew

2014 Cornbread final results
1st Place - Howard Crew
2nd Place - Mean Gene's Chili Beans
3rd Place - Life's Good

2013 People's Choice Awards
Butt Trumpet Chili

2014 Showmanship
1st Place - Bad Ink Chili
2nd Place - Dixie Tavern
3rd Place - Metalhead Chili
4th Place - Cajun Ho Down
5th Place - ZimmChili

Complete results:


 Brunswick Stew










When we organized the very first Great Miller Lite Chili Cook-Off we could never have anticipated the response we received from the community and chili aficionados at large. It’s this response, which has allowed us to continue producing this event and giving to various charities for the first 25 years and Camp Twin Lakes for the past 10 years. And while we would love to see the Chili Cook-Off last another 35 years the festival has faced certain challenges, which will not allow this to happen and 2014 was unfortunately our last.

Our website will be taken down in the next couple of months but we will continue our Facebook page and post any updates as they come (there is a slim possibility someone else will take over the event).

We would like to thank all of our supporters, fans, competitors and sponsors for the last 35 years. You helped us take an idea and turn it into one of Atlanta’s most anticipated events. It has been a wonderful and tasty ride- one which we will not soon forget.

Bob, Doug & Lynn